Video: 1 Mindful Minute – Introduction

In this introductory video I’m going to explain what a 1 Mindful Minute is and what you can expect to see in future videos.

Everybody I speak to would like to be more mindful or even learn how to meditate but the number one thing stoping them is time. You don’t need a lot of time to be mindful and it’s really simple. You can do it in just 1 minute!

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For more great tips and techniques click here to view my free 1 Mindful Minute video series. In these short 1 minute videos I give you practical strategies you can use to incorporate 1 Mindful Minute into your daily activities. You can do these activities at home, at work, in the car …. You can basically do them anywhere!

Remember, it only takes a minute to be mindful!

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