This book, The No Bullsh*t Guide to Mindful Leadership, is for people who are ready for a better way to lead. There is no chanting, noincense and no religious overtones – just a practical guide to incorporating mindfulness into your leadership practice.

This mindful leadership book is available in both paperback and ebook. 


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I wrote this book to help people who were sceptical of the ‘mindfulness hype’ because they had heard something or read something negative about mindfulness. But I believe most of these people would still benefit from trying mindfulness practices. When ever I speak to (or teach) people about mindful leadership, I try and break down some of those myths and introduce them to some of the simple practices. Once they see it for themselves and experience it –  they get it.  

The list of benefits from mindfulness and mindful leadership just seem to be getting longer. The research proves that mindfulness can benefit our leaders and the workforce. From reduced stress, increased resilience, increased productivity, to long term health benefits. This mindful leadership book is for those leaders who want a better way of leading. 



Have you heard mindfulness is just for monks? Or have you heard that being a mindful leader will make you lose your edge and become complacent? Are you worried people will think you are some sort of Hippy if you practice mindful leadership? It’s all bullsh*t!

In this mindful leadership book you will uncover basic techniques on how to become a more mindful leader, but without the bullsh*t (you won’t find any mention of chanting, incense or religious overtones). You will learn simple but effective mindfulness practices that you can start applying to your leadership today. These practices will help you feel calmer and more grounded in your leadership role. 

As leaders we are increasingly facing a dilemma that pulls us in opposing directions. The pace of work is increasing and we are often called upon to achieve greater results with fewer resources. On the other hand, it comes as no surprise that workplace stress is also on the rise. As leaders we have an obligation to manage the mental wellbeing of ourselves and our team, but at the same time get the job done. How do we balance these seemingly paradoxical missions – mindful leadership!

This book is written for people who may be a little bit sceptical about traditional mindfulness practices, but are curious nonetheless. An introduction to mindful leadership, this book is a no fluff, no bullsh*t guide. This mindful leadership book will positively impact your team, your working environment, and your own effectiveness as a leader.

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