My name is Rob Hills, it’s nice to e-meet you! My professional career started when I decided to forgo my enrollment into University (studying Accounting of all things) and join the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) instead. I spent 10 years as a communications analyst working in highly secure areas and learning from the bottom up what leadership was all about. I loved my time in the RAAF, it afforded me so many opportunities, and I am proud to have served my country.

Transitioning from the RAAF, I embarked on a 13 year tenure with the Australian Federal Police (AFP) as an Intelligence and Leadership Trainer. It gave me the opportunity to travel the world teaching intelligence and leadership to our foreign law enforcement partners. But nothing was quite as rewarding as teaching leadership, wellbeing and mindfulness to federal agents, police officers and the unsworn members of the AFP. 

I have also worked in not for profit, with private training organisations, local government and in my own consultancy. I have been fortunate enough to train tens of thousands of people around the world including heads of organisations, senior government officials and leaders just staring on their own journey.  

Rob Hills

I am the author of the book The Mindful Leadership Blueprint, based on my own experience of applying mindfulness in my leadership. Mental health and wellbeing is so important to me and I want to help other leaders embrace a more self aware and holistic way of leading. 

I live in Canberra with my wife and two sons. When I don’t have my head in a book you’ll either find me on my mountain bike, in the gym, gardening or just hanging out with my family.