TEDx Canberra Mindfulness Presentation

Recently I had the honour and pleasure of presenting a workshop to the TEDx Canberra Salon on Saturday 25 March 2017. The theme of the TEDx Canberra event was Empower and exploring what it means to be truly empowered? Where does ‘empower­ment’ come from? How do we empower ourselves? So, sticking with the theme, my workshop was titled ‘Empowering your life 1 mindful minute at a time’. 

Rob Hills TEDx Canberra

During the workshop we explored what it means to use mindfulness as a way of empowering people to be more present in their lives. This is not only for their mental wellbeing, but also to enhance their relationships with the people as well. And we got to do that in a really practical way, with lots of activities and suggestions for how people can start applying this in their own lives.

My passion is showing people how they can be more mindful and the many benefits it offers. I love the feedback I get when people tell me how mindfulness has helped them.

And contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a lot of time to start being more mindful. I’m a strong believer that we need to make mindfulness fit our lives, and by starting small we can do just that. You don’t need to carve out massive chunks of your day to be more mindful. You can be mindful in a minute.

Have you checked out the new 1 Mindful Minute video series? Click here to watch. 

mindfulness discussion

Thankyou TEDx Canberra

It was such an awesome experience and I loved working with the amazing TEDx volunteers who ran the event. If you haven’t yet heard of the amazing work that TED and TEDx’s do around the world, I would encourage you to check them out!