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In this mindful leadership ebook edition, Rob Hills provides practical instruction about becoming a more mindful leader. He describes simple yet effective practices that you can start applying to your leadership today. These practices help you become a calmer and more effective leader.

Have you heard mindfulness is just for monks? Or have you heard that being a mindful leader will make you lose your edge and become complacent? Are you worried people will think you are some sort of Hippy if you practice mindful leadership? It’s all bullsh*t!

Mindful leadership is not about doing, it’s more of a way of being. It’s how we show up for people in any environment; whether that’s in the boardroom, at your kids sporting event or within your local community group . Mindful leadership is understanding that to be an effective leader of others, we first have to learn how to effectively lead ourselves.

In The No Bullshit Guide to Mindful Leadership ebook  you will uncover basic techniques on how to become a more mindful leader, but without the bullsh*t (you won’t find any mention of chanting, incense or religious overtones). You will learn simple but effective mindfulness practices that you can start applying to your leadership today. This in turn will help you feel calmer and more grounded in your leadership role.

As leaders we are increasingly facing a dilemma that pulls us in opposing directions. The pace of work is increasing and we are often called upon to achieve greater results with fewer resources. On the other hand, it comes as no surprise that workplace stress is also on the rise. As leaders we have an obligation to manage the mental wellbeing of ourselves and our team, but at the same time get the job done. How do we balance these seemingly paradoxical missions – mindful leadership!

This mindful leadership ebook is written for people who may be a little bit sceptical about traditional mindfulness practices, but are curious nonetheless. An introduction to mindful leadership, this ebook is a no fluff, no bullsh*t guide that will positively impact your team, your working environment, and your own effectiveness as a leader.

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3 reviews for eBook – The No Bullshit Guide to Mindful Leadership eBook

  1. Owen (Verified Owner)

    Not being one who would be normally be drawn to a book of this nature or what it provides, I found it extremely beneficial.  Admittedly, not all the suggestions are ones that appeal to me, however, some, were extremely pertinent and on point.  Being honest, I saw things that I could, and have, put in place immediately after reading the book and I, along with my family have benefitted from it.

    I believe the value in this book lies in its different approach, easy to read layout and multiple suggestions coupled with examples.
    With the pressures that we all face in the various environments we revolve, I would recommend this book, and I challenge anybody not to find something of value and relevance within its covers.

    Thank you Rob, for opening my eyes that little bit more and the changes I have made because of your book.

  2. Fred (Verified Owner) (verified owner)

    I haven’t quite finished it yet. However what I have read so far is very true in the we behave. 1 thing that sticks is the wasted conversations we have. It has made me aware of those discussions that I have before an event that actually doesn’t take place. Working on reducing those. It’s timing that I’m reading this book as I’ve just started seeing a psychologist again with the struggles of post army service.
    Your book is definitely worth the read.

  3. Dean (Verified Owner)

    I have just finished the book and was very impressed with it. I am in the RAAF and currently studying at ADFA as an advanced student.

    I can see this book being a great resource to have at my desk when my studies are complete and I have taken up leadership roles as an Officer. It has come at a good time as I have started to look in to mindfulness but never put the connection between that and leadership together. Everything makes sense and builds on skills I have learnt through previous leadership and promotion courses.

    I liked that the book is a good practical guide with tips that can be implemented straight away at work or in my daily life. The book is well presented and the information was easily digestible for any level.

    I learnt that mindfulness doesn’t need to be overly time consuming. It can also be implemented into many areas of our lives with minimal disruption. A few small changes can make a big difference to our effectiveness as leaders.

    I would recommend this book to anyone that has to interact with people regularly (Almost all of us!) It is as useful for a stay at home parent as it is the CEO of a major corporation.

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