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Rob Hills TEDx Canberra

TEDx Canberra Mindfulness Presentation

Recently I had the honour and pleasure of presenting a workshop to the TEDx Canberra Salon on Saturday 25 March 2017. The theme of the TEDx Canberra event was Empower and exploring what it means to be truly empowered? Where does ‘empower­ment’ come from? How do we empower ourselves? So, sticking with the theme, my workshop was titled ‘Empowering your life

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Best videos on mindful leadership

Best videos on Mindful Leadership

These are the best videos on Mindful Leadership I have found on the internet. They range in duration and the style of video but there is heaps of great information in these videos about Mindful Leadership. So without further ado, here are my top 5 videos on Mindful Leadership. NUMBER 1 In this video author Michael Carroll talks to the

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Quote: Want less stress…

Try Mindfulness Want less stress in your life? Too many different thoughts going around in your head? You should try being more mindful! Mindfulness has been scientifically proven to reduce stress and have a positive impact on our overall wellbeing. 1 Mindful Minute For more great tips and techniques click here to view my free 1 Mindful Minute video series. In these short 1

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1 Mindful Minute Video

Video: 1 Mindful Minute Series – STOP

When people ask me how to be more mindful I tell them they need to STOP. Using a short acronym like S.T.O.P. makes it easier for people to remember, so it’s really effective when you want to apply it to everyday situations.https://youtu.be/cViG8e0Qbhk S stands for Stop – When you become aware that you are feeling stressed or anxious say STOP either

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Rob hills mindful leadership

Quote: If you are tired learn to rest…..

If you are tired learn to rest, not quit! Be mindful of your thoughts because in a low mood they can betray you. Don’t give up, you got this! #mindfulness 1 MINDFUL MINUTE For more great tips and techniques click here to view my free 1 Mindful Minute video series. In these short 1 minute videos I give you practical strategies you can use to

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Rob Hills - Mindful Leadership Quote

Quote: What is your intention?

INTENTION This is something I ask myself every morning when I wake up. Setting an intention gives you an anchor when things get off track or go a little sideways – you just remind yourself of what you really wanted from the day! If you remind yourself throughout the day you can remain mindful despite any bumps in the road! #mindfulness

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