Are you a leader who

  • has been asked to do more work, with seemingly impossible deadlines and less resources
  • is managing a busy work environment with increasingly complex problems that leave you emotionally drained
  • finds at the end of the day they have no energy left to give to the most important people/things in their lives.
  • knows (or suspects) a staff member struggles mentally to cope at work but are unsure how to support them
  • is challenged by difficult or disengaged employees
  • struggles to find time for your people because you are so busy just trying to keep up
  • would benefit from learning strategies to be a more mindful leader

If any one of the above sounds like your situation you may benefit from an Coaching. Working with a coach can help get you the clarity you need to find solutions to these increasingly difficult situations. I use coaching to show you the skills and techniques you need to flourish in the workplace. I work with clients face to face in Canberra or via the telephone/Skype in other parts of the world.


I am an experienced and certified Executive Coach, gaining my qualification through the Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership. I work with people across a range of industries and at all levels of organisations.


To find out if coaching is right for you, fill in the form below to reserve your free one-on-one discovery session. This first session, which is usually valued at $300, is completely free! In this session we will formulate a plan on how we can empower you to be the best leader you can be.


I will send you an email within 24-48 hours to setup a suitable time for us to schedule your FREE discovery call at a time that works for you.